We integrate our manufacturing processes from materials to finished product, always looking one step ahead.
We also support shaft products required in various industrial areas.
Kaneta Kogyo has succeeded in building a comprehensive production system, encompassing everything from materials to the finished product. Shaft manufacturing requires the combination of multiple processing technologies, as well as high level equipment and handling technology. Therefore, we have built a unique production system unlike any other in Japan in order to meet those requirements. This production system is the driving force that has earned us high praise as a manufacturer.

We have built a total production system from materials unlike any other in Japan.

Kaneta Kogyo specializes in shaft manufacturing, which requires the combination of several processing technologies. We have built an order taking and production system that examines efficient production from the consultation stage, in order to provide a punctual, integrated process after orders taken, from the materials all the way to the finished product.




Production Meeting


Proposals & Estimates


Order Taking


Process Design


Machining (pre-carburizing)
Lathing, Rolling, Drilling, Gear Cutting


Machining (post-carburizing)
Carburizing, Quenching, Grinding






Cold Forging

Cold forging, the key technology that supports our company, realizes high-precision rapid machining measurable in seconds at low cost. Through years of experience and research, we have accumulated various technologies and knowledge of shaft products demonstrating sophistication unlike any competitors and succeeding in the creation of advanced systems. In the cold forging process for producing various shafts for 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles, the coiled material is formed into the approximate shape of various shaft as it travels through this former. Our former is capable of performing multiple processes simultaneously.
冷間鍛造/Cold Forging


Lathing on an automated line is the center of our FA system, and our products are processed systematically. Products formed by forging are processed using an NC machine tool and various specialized machines.


In the rolling process, shaft splines and threads are formed by processing machines including servo motor type rolling machines. We do this efficiently with a fast, precise, automated system.


Drilling is a process for which we have accumulated a great amount of technology. We have achieved high quality with extremely advanced technology developed through extensive experience, and we perform difficult tasks such as drilling that pass through work pieces at an oblique angle. Everything is done efficiently with a state-of-the-art automated processing line.


Carburizing is an important process that is essential to ensuring the mechanical strength of the shaft. We perform high-quality, highly-reliable heat treatment while conserving energy, a process made possible by our accumulated knowledge in this field.


In the grinding process, high precision is pursued with processing machines including NC grinding machines. High quality products are made through the accumulation of micron-level precision technology.

We support stable operations with our unique technology.

Maintaining our unique production line requires unique technical capabilities. We comprehensively follow every aspect, from the development and design of jigs to the maintenance of machines, making constant improvements to maintenance management, to develop a system that pursues ever greater efficiency.