We will work together as a company in order to continue being
A company that customers can count on.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

We are continuing various activities from company-wide activities to department and section level activities.
We are conducting Bell Mark collection activities on an ongoing basis. We have conducted exchanges for many years, such as receiving thank you letters from elementary schools we have donated to.
We are working to reduce waste by recycling consumables generated internally such as plastic gloves and shop cloths.
We have introduced FCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles as company vehicles.
We are promoting energy saving and reducing CO2 emissions by installing LED lighting.
We are striving to raise traffic safety awareness among our employees and in the community through traffic safety guidance and traffic safety announcements using employee safety challenge rallies and drive recorders.
We conduct cleaning activities around Lake Hamana once a year in collaboration with locals. This is a long-running activity.