Our BCP (Business Continuity Plan)
Kaneta Kogyo has formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) and guidelines and policy in the event of an emergency, so as to ensure the safety of customers and employees or interrupt important tasks, even in the event that damages are caused due to a disaster or accident which affect business activities. In the event of a disaster or accident, we will minimize human damage and property damage, and act to maintain the bare minimum of business and work towards a swift recovery even if tasks are affected.
Guidelines and Policy for Emergency Situations

Basic Policy

  • Give first priority to saving lives.
  • At the same time as emergency response measures, take measures to prevent secondary disasters and aid in the swift resumption of production.
  • Each department should make decisions and act immediately on how to respond to the emergency.
  • Prompt and accurate information shall be provided to stakeholders.
  • Corporate social responsibility activities shall be conducted promptly for the purpose of victim relief.

Employee behavioral guidelines in the event of an emergency

  • Give first priority to saving lives.
  • Give first priority to ensuring the safety of family and people in the vicinity.
  • Prevent the spread of damages to employees and the company, and work towards rapid recovery.
  • Promptly report the safety status and damage situation of yourself and your family to the company.
  • Follow the instructions of the site manager.
  • Gather accurate information and report it promptly.
  • Cooperate with community support.

Behavioral Standards

  • Devote oneself fully to early response.
  • The person in charge shall take the initiative.
  • Strive to gather accurate information and report it promptly.

Emergency Response System


Maintenance and Operation of the BCP

Kaneta Kogyo shall repeatedly conduct thorough education and training for employees and make continuous revisions based on the results in order to reduce damages, continue business, and rapidly restore operations in the event of an emergency. In particular, we will put an emphasis on optimizing our PDCA cycle (preparations by a BCP promotion organization before emergencies, planning specific response measures, and evaluation of business procedure manuals), and maintain and develop our business continuity plan.
Evacuation Drills
Fire Fighting Drills
AED Education
First Aid Training